Serbian Death Machine

You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

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The life of a man who has tried to cut his wrists or poison himself could very well be saved by lithium or fluoxetine or MAO inhibitors. This brute fact seems to render all further discussion on the subject irrelevant. Why should the nuances of social pathology matter to the man who seeks merely to attenuate his own depression? If relief can be obtained by a monthly regimen of pills, why philosophize? Why lose oneself in a labyrinth of psychoanalytic interpretation? Why question society or seek to change that which cannot be changed? Why speak loosely of alternative treatments?

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Meritocracy. The dream.

I’ll be living this life catching up on the world of knowledge well summarized and organized in the form of words. If I could give my younger slightly less impure self any advice. It would be “Read, Equip and Hate, as much as possible.”

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